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This package takes you on the full journey of our whole collection. With all the sauces, rubs

and seasonings, and our Award Winning Candy Apple Shine, you will be stocked and ready to rock the flavors.

 This package also includes the Wild Wild West Bqq sauce, Peach Pitt Habanero Bqq sauce, Candy Apple Shine, Scorpion Juice, Loco Ono Triple H Sauce (hot honey habanero),

Bossinberry hot sauce, Sweet Venom hot sauce, Lime Habanero, Mango Tango, 757 Steak and

burger sauce, Touch of Sol super hot sauce, 4oz 12 Finger rub, 4oz Cajun seasoning, 4oz Island jerk seasoning, and 4oz of Lime sriracha rub. The Boss will throw in a SnS Camo hat so you can represent. 


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